Happy Puppies That Are Enjoying The Best Life!

Happy Puppies That Are Enjoying The Best Life!

The Welch Family

Your search for Mini Aussies is over! My family has had Aussies all our adult life. Mainly for moving cattle. When our family decided to sell the cattle I began my year search to find just the right breeder for Mini Aussies. My two Aussies Jake and Sallie both are outstanding examples of a careful, put the animals first, breeder. Make sure you can include your Aussie in family activities and you can spend lots of daily time with them. They are not “yard dogs”. Mine love daily runs, playing frisbee and swimming in the lake-all year! Smart, quick learners which makes obedience training a must for you to be the boss. Can’t go wrong with these healthy, smart dogs. Lori is a thoughtful breeder who stays in touch.

- The Welch Family

“Brooke” is doing great! She likes to run into the living room and dive onto the bean bag chair, then she leaps from there to the sofa and back again into the bean bag chair… its hysterical!! She is very vocal when I pick her up. She makes all kinds of little noises and bury’s her face next to my chin. She is really like sitting next to a babbling brook that makes happy sounds and mass everything feel pleasant. We really enjoy her.

– The Waters Family

The O’Sullivan Family
The Bennett Family

WE ARE IN LOVE WITH OUR DOG! Perry is so awesome, we just can’t say it enough. He fits into our family so well, he’s so smart and easy to train and very loving. We are just truly enjoying him! He is not an alpha dog at all…he loves people and other animals. He and the cat get along great, and he just loves Ryan, our little boy.

– The Bennett Family

We are first time dog owners as a couple, and Lori has been instrumental in guiding us throughout the process. We narrowed our search down to a miniature Australian Shepherd and were so blessed to find a breeder nearby. Lori was so helpful and kept us updated throughout the process to getting him home. She did an incredible job socializing him before he came home. Jax has a very friendly and mild temperament but he has tons of energy and loves to run and play outside. It truly is amazing how smart this breed is, always pleasing his owner and he loves our cat too. Jax also is great around our young granddaughter. We could not be happier with this breed and especially love our Jax. You cannot go wrong ruby river mini aussies!

- Charles & Alyce Stoddard

Charles & Alyce Stoddard

Willow is a very sweet needy puppy.  She hates to be alone, but we are the perfect family for that!  she comes to work with us everyday and runs the office!  She adores her human... Thomas!!

– The Freeman Family

Lori at Ruby River Mini Aussies, is a top notch breeder. She is so caring, loving, and truly cares about all of her babies (adult and puppies). Her babies are so sweet, very well mannered, and highly intelligent! I highly recommend Lori to anyone thinking about getting a Mini Aussie. I bought my baby Axel home in February 2020 but previously to bringing him home I was able to go and socialize/play with all the puppies.

– The Smith Family

Our family would not be complete without Roo. She has been part of our family for over 5 years. What stands out in our minds is how committed Lori is to all her puppies. It is impressive to see how happy and well taken care of all the dogs are at Ruby River. Every year Lori drops us an email asking us to send pictures and wanting to know how everything is with Roo. The best part of having a mini aussie? She keeps me in good shape! We walk an average of 4 miles a day but on those days when we walk the beltline with friends and end up putting in 8 miles, Roo LOVES it. We also take her to the mountains with us because hiking is her favorite!

– The Epstein Family