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My Prayers have been answered.

Jayd has the perfect home!  Both Penny and Charles already love Jayd and have the time and energy to work with her.  Jayd is so smart and just needs a little direction.  That is exactly what she is getting now, at her new forever home.

Thank you so much Penny and Charles for giving Jayd the best life!

Paula Nowak -
Thank you for letting me meet Jayd today! Such a fun dog to get to know. This is what I would recommend for Jayd's future home.

Energy & Activities:
Jayd enjoys learning new things. She has a lot of mental and physical energy that will need to be channeled into things like hiking, walks, agility, toy play and brain games. She would do best having physical and mental exercise daily. While she is high energy she is able to control her arousal level to be focused. She does well with food and toy rewards. I believe she would be easy to train new things.

Social Skills:
Jayd is confident around new people. While she is not overly people focused or affectionate she becomes more interested in people she builds a relationship through play and training. A working relationship is what she prefers vs. being a cuddly dog. She does not mind being touched. When initially handling she can be a big bouncy, but with positive reinforcement training she would quickly learn handling is a fun game.

Jayd would do well in a home as an only dog. Her play style with other dogs is rude. She has not had a lot of experience playing with dogs to know what is appropriate with various personalities and breeds. If her approach is not well received it could turn into a fight. Since Jayd is confident she does not tend to back down from a one-on-one confrontation.

Training & Manners:
Jayd is very smart! She already knows sit, down, her name, touch and scent work. A home that uses positive reinforcement training with food or toys would be desired. She thrives on engaging and having a good time. She does like to jump up on people and get her muzzle to your face. Her intent is to get attention with being bouncy. Jayd needs to keep learning new things to keep her awesome brain working on desired skills and manners. She is more than happy to make good choices with guidance.

Paula Nowak, CPDT-KA, CTDI
Head Trainer & Behavior Consultant for Canine Country Academy - Lawrenceville, GA