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Ruby River Mini Australian Shepherds is a small kennel located near Atlanta Georgia. I am dedicated to the awesome Mini Aussies, and  strive to provide, wonderful companion pets through careful planning and breeding. I breed one or two litters per year with a focus on producing the most structurally sound mentally and physically healthy puppies with excellent temperaments.

My puppies are whelped and raised right in my home office.  Since I work from home, the puppies all get lots of individual attention, socialization and love.

Megan Our Female Aussie Ruby River Mini Australian Shepherds


My first Aussie Experience, Megan!  “In 1991, I purchased a Blue Merle pup. I had a small farm with horses and 2 goats, that actually belonged to the neighbor. Megan was a natural. She kept the horses and the goats in line! She had a natural ability to understand commands and her boundaries, along with a sweet disposition. Megan lived to be about 15 years old… and I missed her so much. I decided to get another Aussies, but this time I wanted a “Mini”. I liked the idea that the Mini was smaller, Approximately 30lbs.  The Mini Aussie still has the temperament, herding instinct and are healthy, hardy dogs that make great companions, just like the standard size, only in a smaller package!

After much research on pedigree’s, health, genetic issues, temperament and conformation, I decided on a lovely red tri and named her “Ruby”. Ruby was a beautiful deep red tri with the most wonderful playfulness. She lived to play fetch. She had a favorite type of ball and she would play all day! Ruby and Rio produced a litter of puppies and “River” was the pick of the litter.

River was my constant, follow me within inches, companion. We adored each other’s company. River was exceptional at Agility. She was a natural because she never took her eyes off of me. That is a perfect trait for Agility training. River (Red Merle) produced some truly beautiful and smart puppies.

All of my Aussies are OFA cleared and CERF certified. The adults visit the ophthalmologist on a yearly basis, to be sure no eye issues have developed.  They are also tested for Hereditary Cataracts, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRA-PRCD) and the Multidrug Sensitivity (MDR1)

While we do strive to breed only the best in our Aussies, all of our puppies and dogs are first and foremost wonderful companions! I love the versatility of this wonderful breed! Whether you are interested in Conformation, Agility or Obedience this is a great breed.  My goal is to not only promote the Mini Australian Shepherd breed as a wonderful show dog but also as an all around companion.  They are a beautiful conformation dog and an awesome companion all rolled into one package!

Our Mission:

All of our Aussies are OFA cleared and CERF certified. We strive to breed only the best in our Aussies and all of our puppies are first and foremost wonderful companions!

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